Sensible Snacking #WIAW

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now you know that I’m a grazier. I LOVE snacking. And it’s a pretty good thing because I get HANGRY when I don’t eat for 2-3 hours. Seriously, it’s not pretty.

Urban Dictionary Hangry definition:

When someone becomes irritated, angry, or cranky when they haven’t eaten and are hungry.
Allen: I hate you and I want to punch you.
Randy: Why are you so angry with me?
Allen: I’m sorry, I haven’t eaten since breakfast so I’m just hangry, bro.

This is why I keep snacks in my purse:

These ones were from last week when I was meeting friends for a boat cruise on the Toronto Harbourfront. I knew I wouldn’t be eating until 8pm which, is obviously a problem for me. So, I brought veggies to snack on. Too bad I was trying to be a lady and when I bit my grape tomato in half the seeds squirted all down my dress: 

Lesson learned. Pop that whole grape tomato in your mouth > food all over yourself.

But I did have some sensible snacking this week:

One of my favourite morning snacks is my Greek yogurt topped with real fruit! SO delicious:

My other morning favourite is toast with peanut butter topped with a sliced banana! I have an “eat the pb out of the jar with a tablespoon” kind of love for peanut butter and banana’s are on the top of my fruit list. So, this is the perfect protein and potassium dream for me! 

I was just introduced to a little gourmet cheese that I instantly fell in love with. Have you fallen in love with rondelé? It is the most delicious gourmet cheese spread. I have been putting it on Pasquale’s Glorious Flat Bread: 

Once I ate all of the flat bread, I came up with a healthier twist to eat the rondelé

 On cucumber slices! I’m pretty sure I came up with this little number because of Jenn’s zucchini rounds with honey goat cheese. As soon as I saw them, my mouth was watering for them. Don’t worry, she promised to make me some! 
When it comes to raw veggies, I obviously love ’em! But when it comes to broccoli, I can’t eat them ra. They are just too dry. So, I keep a stash of caesar dressing in my fridge at work and dip the little florets in it: 

Sorry raw broccoli lovers, I just can’t do it! If I give them a little steam though, I could eat an entire head of the stuff! 
Want in on another little secret? Sometimes I just crave poptarts. Weird, I know. But they were in the kitchen at work and I just couldn’t stop thinking about the little guys. I had to pop that little tart in the toaster and eat it with a little oolong tea: 

Sensible and delicious snacking!

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

What’s your favourite sensible snack?
How often do you have to eat before getting hangry? Poptarts, love ’em or hate ’em?


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