New Music, New Workouts, New Attitude.

Like many other runners, this humidity is terrible for training to beat BOLT, Kara, and Shalane. OK, I’m not training to beat them but wouldn’t that be a dream?

The humidity actually makes me feel like I’m not a strong runner anymore but in actuality, the heat is what is slowing down my time. It makes it hard to breathe and you have to be really hydrated to work it in the extreme heat. It’s discouraging and when it comes down to it, it just sucks.

I’ve been asked what my training schedule is like. So, I posted a new tab on my blog called, “WORKOUT CALENDAR.” This where you are going to find how I am getting sweaty during the current month. Of course, with all training plans, it may alter depending on extreme weather and unexpected registering for races:

Click to Enlarge

This tab actually keeps me motivated. Typing out my plan of action for all my workouts in the upcoming month, allows me to sit and focus on what’s ahead and what goals I have for myself. Since there are only two weeks left in the month, June’s plan is shorter than what the next one will look like.

Running in the humidity brings out another weakness of mine, if I don’t have good music playing, I will flick through all my songs on my iPod until something good comes on. This makes me loose focus on running and makes my pace drop. Once my pace drops, it is SO hard to get it back up again. The solution: keep updating my playlists.

My friends have been asking me to have a “PLAYLISTS” tab for the longest time now and I finally came up with a genius way to do it. If you go into the playlists tab, you will find my June Playlist in a youtube video format. The current one looks like this:

If you scroll over the video screen and click on this little button:

It will bring up the entire playlist at the bottom of the player:

The you can scroll through the songs and see what I’ve got going on this month.

Every month I will be making a new youtube workout playlist with all my current favourite iron pumping jams. If you want to go back in time and look at previous month’s playlists or see my playlist in a dropbox like this:

you can find it on my Youtube channel HERE! 

If you have any favourite jams that you think I would love please send them my way! I love new music! Siobhan.McCarthy01 [at] gmail [dot] com.

How do you keep motivated when the humidity slows your runs down? 

What is you favourite kind of music genre to run to?
I actually pretty much listen to anything depending on my mood. Dance, techno, hip hop, rock… you name it!

Do you plan your workouts or wing ’em?
I’m a planner! I always have been and I probably always will be. I love setting myself goals and crushing them.

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