Making Goals and Crushing Them!

Thanks for all the congratulations on my bid to WORLDS! I’m BEYOND excited. My flight is booked and I will be at Disney in 49 days! 

I usually set goals for myself at the beginning of each month and this month I had been slacking. Minus my 40 days of stretching of course! I have some really exciting events coming up in the next 2 months and I need to get my butt back into my hard running training if I want to beat my PR’s this season. I’m still hesitant on my feet being able to handle it so I’m debating going hard on them. 

Here’s my spring schedule:

April 7th, 2012- Harry’s Spring Run-off 8K

This is a race that I killed last year. It was an instant PR because it was my first 8K race ever. I hill trained like a beast because HIgh Park is FULL of hills. These were my stats of this race:

Distance: 8K
Time: 41:02
Age Category Place: 15/261
Gender Place: 84/1129

I would love to go hard and bust out some times like this again but realistically, I need to listen to my feet and take it slow if I have to. I do love seeing this picture of myself and a Sasquatch on the Harry site though:

April 26th-April 30th, 2012- The Cheerleading WORLDS 

I would love to place top 5 at WORLDS. Bit I’m honestly just SO excited to go! Any placement will be a huge accomplishment. So pumped! 

May 13th, 2012- Sporting Life 10K

I really want to crush last years PR on this race. I felt like I held back and took it easy because I was afraid of going out too fast. I may had been intimidated by the fast Boston runners who ere beside me in tiny shorts and their jackets. Have i told you how bad I want one of those jackets? feet get better I want to BQ!! 

The stats last year:

Distance: 10K
Time: 48:36
Age Place: 124/1441
Gender Place: 529/6928

This year, I want to 45:00  it.

What’s on your schedule this spring? 

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