I’m Going to WORLDS!!

First, I have to apologize for my lack of posts during the last to weeks. I have been focused on resting and staying away from anyone who has that awful flu that is going around. I’ve been going on dates with my TENS machine to make sure that my feet were fully ready for the cheerleading ProWINcials. Yes, it is called provincials but we like to call it ProWINcials. 

We were entered into the “Worlds Bid Qualifiers” division where all 18 teams went head to head to get the bids to WORLDS. 3 of those teams were from my gym Power Cheer Toronto. It was a long weekend. On Saturday we performed our first run at 9:21pm and then Sunday we performed our second run at 1:23 pm. This is how the scores work, day one is worth 40% and day two is worth 60% of your overall score. 

I will skip straight to the exciting part- I’M GOING TO WORLDS!!! Actually, all 3 teams from my gym got a bid to worlds! 

Here’s what we looked liked to get our bid:

I’ve already booked my flight and I’m ready to go to the happiest place in the world. That’s right- WORLDS is at ESPN’s Wide World of Sports in Walt Disney World! 

 I promise I’m back and ready to update you all on my healthy lifestyle more frequently! And if you haven’t entered my Under Armour giveaway do it now!! HERE it’s an amazing one!

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