‘Tis the Season with SHUTTERFLY!

I know, it’s only November 1st and I’m telling you about my LOVE for the holiday season! But, I really do LOVE it! I just get so excited about all holidays in general! Most people go all “bah hum bug!” over the winter holidays. But me? I fall in LOVE. My iPod will be full of carols and maybe some new christmas songs a la Michael Buble, Gaga, Celine, Mariah, Brit, Christina, Bette, and Bieber. Don’t judge.

I’m the girl who LOVES sending snail mail of cards to everyone at the holiday season! I swear I keep the post office in business! And this year SHUTTERFLY is helping me make it SO much more awesome by giving me a chance to create 25 personalized Holiday cards to send to my friends and family this season!

Remember the “Ugly Sweater Christmas Party 2010?!” Well, it might just come to you in your mailbox:

And it might have my return address that will spread some cheer in our it’s Christmas so we are “laughing like they do in the magazines” picture:

And if you’re my Kris Kringle, get ready to get cozy by the fire with this fleece blanket gem:

I clearly had too much fun designing my personalized swag! Keep an eye on your mailboxes because you never know what beauty I decided to go with for my real cards!

If you’re a blogger and want to get your own 25 personalized cards, go visit Shutterfly HERE!

And I’m serious about that Christmas music. It’s November the first. It’s officially OK to listen to Justin Bieber’s “Mistletoe” and feel like going for a sleigh ride, drink hot chocolate by the fireplace, watch HOME ALONE and get cozy at a chalet after a day of snowboarding.

Just me? It’s OK to want to take a listen to JB’s new single off his new album that dropped today:

… And I won’t judge if you run to it either.

Do you love the holidays as much as I do? 

How do you feel about the cold winter?
I honestly think it’s too long. By February I just want the snow to melt. But I do LOVE snowboarding, skating, and walking in the fresh CLEAN snow. I hate the mucky dirty stuff.

How do you show your LOVE during the holidays?

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