Never. Stop. Running.

I’m on the second gym session of the season and I’m back to smiling through my runs on Mr. T! And of course, singing to my pump up jams. Yes, I’m still doing that. But I’m feeling so great while working out and–drum roll please, VERY minimal foot pain! I couldn’t be happier!

My cheer friend Michelle showed me this picture and I’m pretty positive that she is trying to drop a hint to me:

It did make me laugh really hard. And then I remembered that all I have to do is look at my race photos and see that I really do look more like the second image, when running a race that is!

Some more Friday favourites: the new Nike Running ads that I found from Page via twitter! So amazing! and I really feel like that i show my life is sometimes!

Can espressos be served during races from now on?!

Here’s my latest sweaty workout plan:

It’s HALLOWEEN weekend!! I’m too excited but that’s the costume designer in me! 
What are you going as and what are you going be?! 

Happy Friday, friends! 

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