Treadmill, let’s get back together.

As you may know, I started taking a break with my boyfriend Mr. Treadmill back in February. The weather started getting warmer so I had a fling with the asphalt. 

I can’t help it. 
I love running outdoors. 
The treadmill got it. 

I told him we can keep our relationship going until the temperature was at a warm temperature and then it would be over. 

We went on a date today. And it was HOT. Liquid awesome wouldn’t stop gushing from my pores. I was working so FIERCE that my belly button ring came out while I was running. The best part? I had NO idea. When I got off the t-mill, I noticed the ball of my belly button ring at the end of the treadmill. The main piece of it was about two feet away. 

Me and Mr. T went for miles. Well, 5K. I still have to test the waters and see how my feet are going to hold up with my old bf.

As I walked over to the weights I saw a man in a dress shirt and over sized sweat pants. I really hope this guy just forgot his workout shirt because my biggest pet peeve is people who don’t know what workout clothes are. And these people just aren’t in your gyms. I saw a woman running through the park in denim capris a few weeks ago. Everything else about her screamed runner, but the option she chose for shorts– they are just wrong! And uncomfortable. I swear, I think I need to be the next Stacey London of athletic clothing. WHAT NOT TO WEAR– you need me! 

At the weights, this was today’s challenge:

Do each round for a time of 2 minutes with a 1 minute rest between each round:

Round 1: Hand release push ups 
Round 2: Full Sit Ups
Round 3: Squats

Push Ups: 54
Sit Ups: 80
Squats: 110

For a TOTAL SCORE of: 224 

I can honestly say, I’ve missed the gym. I need to start up my fall/winter training plan and I’m so excited to build it! Who would have thought I’d be excited to move indoors? 

How’d you get your liquid awesome on this weekend?! 

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