How Steve Jobs Changed My Fitness

As you may know, I’ve started to run just to run.

I’m keeping my runs light and doing 5K runs until I know my feet can handle running longer distances and at my pre-injury pace. And- I’m loving it! I went for a 5K run and decided to challenge myself with making it an interval run. I ran the first kilometer and the last for speed. I sprinted and really pushed myself to feel that I may be exhausted but I still have that little bit in me to keep going.

My music ALWAYS pushes me to go harder, faster, and stronger. And I have to thank Steve Jobs. He has changed the way I workout. With my iPod, I can create playlists that keep me rocking throughout an entire workout. I can custom make what comes on next if I want to slow down my heart rate at mile 4 or click “genius” and a playlist will be created based on any song I choose. If it wasn’t for the creative innovator Steve Jobs, I would be running with a ginormous walkman with a mixed cassette tape in it that took literally hours to create.

What kept me going on my last 5Kwas this playlist:

Steve also gave me the ability to get creative on my macbook pro and make fun blog posts. He gave the commencement speech to Stanford’s 2005 graduating class and he gives them some advice on how to live before they die:

‎”There is no reason not to follow your heart.” – Steve Jobs

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