I Gave It Everything

Rest days are so important because they give your muscles time to recover. The way I do rest days, in my opinion, are las mejores maneras de hacerlo! Translation: the best ways to do it!

Have you met my dad, Jorge?

Me and Jorge

His name isn’t really Jorge. It’s George. But I call him Jorge because he taught himself how to speak spanish (with his Irish accent) so, obviously Jorge is the perfect name for him! I even took the liberty of changing his name to Jorge O’Malley when I based my final year of university’s drawing thesis on my soccer star dad.

Jorge LOVES Español and Pitbull. Yea, you read that right. When “Calle Ocho” came out, my dad would blare that tune, dance and sing along. We were watching an award show and my dad said, “Pitbull is the man! I would love to go to his concert!” 2 days later, Enrique announced that he will be going on tour and headlining with Pitbull. We got floor tickets to see last nights show. We LOVED our lives. While I danced and fist pumped into the hearts of Prince Royce, Pitbull, and Enrique– Jorge was the main camera man!

The stadium was full of spanish amigos. I used the “poco” spanish that I knew and tried to understand what they were saying when Mr. Worldwide, Royce, and Enrique weren’t speaking english. I sang all the spanish songs like I knew what I was singing about. And that’s when I got thinking- I should really learn spanish. Not just because I need to understand what I am being serenaded about but, it also keeps your brain sharp. Learning a new language keeps your mind working and nimble. And you sound pretty sexy speaking spanish. 

My rest day actually turned into a night of cardio. I danced in the aisle by myself because I am too short to be standing on the floor behind “average” height people. The benefit of being 4’9″ is that security feels bad to tell you to get behind the amazon standing in front of you. I got my own dance space the entire night! I even got confetti dropped on me and got to dodge the giant balloons that fell from the ceiling. And the best part? I had one on one time with Enrique as he looked into my eyes and sang to me: 

Enrique at the Euphoria Tour in Toronto 2011

We are so in love. And we are both in love with Toronto. Enrique has a special place for TO in his heart because when he was 18 he pointed at a map and decided to move to this glorious city and get his life in the direction he wanted: a successful music career. And baby, I like it!

I gave it everything last night. Here are the highlights:

Tonight has become my rest night. Tomorrow, I run!

Te amo amigos!

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