Friday’s Confession: Too Much Info.

I’ve been asked what health magazines I love to read and what I have subscriptions for. Well the answer is:

But lately, I have been SO behind in reading them. There is just so much information in all of these guys that I just haven’t made enough time for. I JUST finished June’s issue of Runner’s World and I still have all these to read:

So, obviously I need to learn to sit, relax, and read more to catch up!

I started to get myself in relax mode by getting my hair cut. There is just something about getting your hair done that makes you feel like a whole new person.  I usually like to go in and get a complete change by saying, “do whatever you feel like doing!” But- I had restrictions. I have to be able to put my hair up in a ponytail that doesn’t have fly aways for cheer reasons. And because my hairdresser, Russel, loves me leaving with a different look then I came in with, I left with a trendy braided hairstyle that I will not be able to do to myself:

I love it and I officially need to get lessons on how to do this!

Have a wonderful weekend!

What magazines are on your reading list?! 
The magazines above our on my “must reads” list. But occasionally, I love to get my US Weekly, and People magazines to know all the latest celeb gossip. Especially if I’m at the cottage or the beach!

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