My abs still hurt when I laugh

It’s been a great week of training for me and my abs are still feeling the burn from this conditioning:

7 Chicken Pecks (Handstand and bring one hand up to your shoulder and put it back to the ground)
14 Push Ups (Full push up, lay on the ground, and lift your hands off the ground)
21 Squats 
28 Full Sit Ups
Repeat 5 times. 

I didn’t think I was going to make it past  the third rep but with a little determination, I pulled through and paid for it the next day. But it’s an amazing “I feel fierce and strong” kind of pain.

I’ve been asked to take some pictures from my cheer practices. Pictures rarely happen because we are training so hard but we had a “bring a boy” to practice and dedicated some time to having our all-girl team train some boys. And it went really well! I even got the boys to toss me all the way up to a one handed extended stunt:

Tomorrow is the big Midsummer Night’s Run in Toronto:

Which I am SO SAD about. I’m at the 3 month mark of not running more than 5K and it hurts my soul. So obviously, I will not be running the 30K. I did change to the 15K but I’m just still not ready for that either. So, I gave my bib number away to my runner friend Anita and will go and cheer for her and my sister as they take on this race. You might remember when I was so excited and registered for this race on THIS post which was going to be my first 30K event. I guess I will have to wait until next year to run it. At least it gives me another goal to aim for!

Is it weird if I still wear my Midsummer 2011 Jacket to this race?
I’m on the fence about this one. I’m not one to wear the new race shirt that you get 2 days before an event to race day. But– I feel like if I got my jacket in March and I’m not running the race- maybe the rules change? I dunno. I’m like a waffle ball on this one. I’m pretty sure that saying isn’t even “waffle ball” which makes me even cooler.

Have you ever had to give your bib away?

What was your hard workout this week?

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