Rewards. So You Can’t Regret.

One of my favourite things about cheering is the ability to be fearless. Tuesday was an amazing practice for me. It’s actually unbelievable because I feel like I grow so much as an athlete every week after practice. I have an amazing stunt group (the powerful ladies who throw me in the air) who make me feel like I could throw anything in the air and be completely safe. Trust is the most important feeling of all. I pretty much come out saying, “have I told you guys how much I love that you’re throwing me in the air?” after everything we do. On the days I go into practice without a goal, my coaches always have me leaving with a new goal for myself. I love that. Nastia Liukin just tweeted a great quote, “The pain of discipline is never as great as the pain of regret.” So I had to retweet it. My goal is to go into Nationals this year being the best that I can be and knowing that I am at the peek of my performance. I don’t want to compete with the feeling that I could have worked harder. So, being fearless and pushing myself to be the strongest I have ever been is my ultimate goal.

And I love rewarding myself with gifts when I accomplish a new challenge. Lucky for me at the last practice I had an entire shipment come in. Two new practice shirts, two new practice bows, a new sports bra, and I think my feet are going to love me for the next one: new shoes! I splurged and bought the best cheer shoes on the market right now:

They are the NFINITY Evolution shoe. I haven’t worked them at a practice yet because I got them after pracky. But honestly, after just trying them on and walking around in them, I’m kind of in love. I will give you a full report after they have a good, hard, sweaty workout!

And I’m so excited about my new practice cheer bows from FIERCE Bows:

A Cherry Bow for my Very Cherry Team and an animal print for a new basket! Perfect.

Happy Thursday Friends!

How do you reward yourself after you complete a goal?!

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