Pippa Middleton and I wear the same shoes. No big deal.

When it comes to shoes, it’s so easy to drop a lot of money on running shoes, stilettos, and fancy flip flops.With my running shoes I pick out the ones that are best for my feet. My favourites? New Balance.

I’m throwing a cup, I swear my arms aren’t usually all over the place!

I get them to comfortably fit my feet for support and cushioning. And I’m not gonna lie- I also go for style.  Pippa Middleton obviously feels the same way because we have the same running shoes. Twinsies! No Big Deal.

And when it comes to stilettos my thought is, “the higher the better!” When you’re 4 foot 9 inches- you need height!

I promise you that this is a tight ‘n bright party and I don’t always wear short shorts with a tied top and stilettos!

And I search for stilettos that are comfortable (the higher the comfier. Sounds insane but I have high arches so it just works!) I like to do the jump test. If I can comfortably jump in a beauty pair of shoes, than I will be able to live with them all night long. But running in stilettos?! That’s something I don’t know if I want to try. Vanessa Haywood- you are one brave woman!

Glamour Stiletto Run

But lately, (as you may know) I have been sporting Birkenstocks:

This was my smartest shoe investment yet. Since I have been wearing my Birks my feet have improved SO much. The mix of not running, physio, and Birks made me go from zero to hero. I do not know why I haven’t added these to my collection sooner. Yes, I may look crazy wearing a cute summer dress with Birks but they are just too comfy. I never want to go back to another sandal. That says a lot. Because I am the girl with at least 25 pairs of sandals in my wardrobe! Literally.

Your feet are so important and if you don’t have a great quality shoe day in and day out, you are not helping your body recover from the toll they take when you run.

And plus Shawn Johnson just tweeted her recent trip to the Nike store with her Birks on:

Again- twinsies! She’s also on the road to recovery as she gears up for the 2012 Olympics.  I love this girl and hope she recovers for the VISA Championships in August!

Today’s road to recovery lesson: it’s all in the shoes. 

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