Pumped Up Kicks and One Step Back to the TENS.

After running for 10 minutes at cheer practice on Tuesday for about 10 minutes with push ups and squats in between, my feet were feeling awesome on Wednesday morning. So, I rested on Wednesday (as promised) and went to physio on Thursday:

Physio by yourself is not very fun. For one, my feet are bonded together by a heat pack with a TENS machine attached to my feet. And- I don’t like when they close the curtains and leave you feeling like you are in an isolation room. So, I told the doc to leave it open with the hopes that someone would stop and talk to me as they pass by. No luck. So, I caught up on blogs and twitter updates instead on my trusty BB. That made the time fly.

On Friday morning I was feeling great. And I was convinced I was ready to run. After a day at the office, I decided that running when I got home wouldn’t be the smartest choice so I would wait until the morning to go out for my first outdoor run in over a month. So, I went for ice cream to stock up on some calories for a big 2K run the next day. I know, it’s a far one!

Mumsy and Me get Ice Cream

Can we also talk about my hand placing in that picture? Looks kinda awkward. I thought it looked natural because I was hiding my one of five stains that I got on my dress from my ice cream. Apparently I need to wear a lobster bib but one that is designed for ALL the time.

Saturday morning came and I couldn’t be happier to wake up to my alarm for a morning run. The things you miss when you are injured. So, I set up my Garmin, which I almost forgot because it’s been THAT long. And I set it for a 3K training session because I was feeling that confident. I lathered up my feet with my new favourite Deep Relief muscle cream. And put on my pumped up kicks. I had a hard time picking a genre of music to go out with. So, I warmed up and stretched to some rock and played the pop while I ran. Starting with the legendary Miss Britney Spears:

I had no pains and was feeling great. I wanted to run farther SO badly. 2K is seriously a tease. When I hit 2K I walked it out for 30 seconds to make sure I wasn’t aggravating my feet and then ran the last K home. I decided to take a 5 minute walk at the end just to calm down my feet and have a good stretch afterwards. The best part is my doctor said that I am very flexible and the average persons foot points to 10 degrees and mine goes to 60 degrees. So, that’s not a problem. I just need to work on strengthening my joints to prevent any future injuries. Any of your favourite strengthening exercises would be appreciated!

On Saturday night I could feel my feet starting to throb but the pain was nothing like it use to be. Too bad I woke up on Sunday to pain all along the top of my feet. The problem with my injury is that I have sprained a bunch of different tendons so I can’t just focus on one area of my feet to heal. So, I iced my feet and headed to the pool side with hopes that this pain will disappear soon.

It looks like it will be another week of resting with some help from Foster The People:

Happy Monday Friends!

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