I’m So Techno!

To keep fresh and exciting I have become techno. You heard me right. I no longer will need a computer boy to explain technology to me because I am starting to learn it all on my lonesome. Starting with twitter. I know, I’m a wee bit late on this whole part of social networking but I’m ready and feeling adventurous. You can follow me on my new widget on the right hand column of my blog! Do it! Please, I need friends. And my self-esteem is low on day one of tweetign with the fear that no one will want to follow me.

It all started when we had our relatives over from Ireland the last few days. After taking a trip to the drugstore and seeing that they have magnifying glasses to read boxes with– Seriously, they were hanging from the shelves incase you forgot your glasses:

Antonia just might kill me if she figures out that I posted this picture of her. But how hilarious is that?! And so to not become an old biddy before my time, I have decided to get with the program and start tweeting my thoughts.

And now I’m off to watch Monday’s epsiode of The Bachelorette. I told you life has been hectic! I woke up this morning and thought it was Friday. What a sad time it was when I realised there were two more working days of the week. So, I loaded up on coffee to make it all better.

I promise you lots more posts and tweets are coming from this girl!

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