The lovely Janae over at Hungry Runner Girl  sent me two ModBod shirts from her awesome giveaway. I’m sure you all know how excited I am when I get mail and it usually involves me jumping with the package in the air and seriously being happy for the rest of the day because something other than a bill came for me in the mail.

So, I put on my new shirt to see what my new power outfit would look like:

Yes, I’m pouty. From the first view you can see that my top fits like a charm but really when I turn to the side:

My shoulders are just not buff enough for the shirt. Waaaah! The joys of being pint-sized. Unfortunately, this is the smallest top that ModBod offers. So, I have decided to pass on my giveaway to my running sista Julia. She promises a full review on these awesome tops soon!

Here’s my song of the weekend. I just can’t stop listening to it and I seriously just want to be able to spit out these rhymes like no other:

Can’t you picture it?! I know, I can too. Especially while running.

Have a Wonderful Father’s Day Friends!

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