April Showers Bring New Goals

After running my first race of the season without any real goals, I decided after my first date with my Garmin today- it is time to set some goals. I’m also about to make them official by telling you all about them. Get ready for it!

The thing is, I started getting really nervous about my GoodLife Fitness Toronto Half Marathon that is coming up on May 15th. I was all fine and for it until I realized how far off my nike+ sensor was. Seriously, telling me I ran 9.67 km when I only did an 8K race- that is a scary thought when you are training for a half.

This would mean that my nike+ sensor would tell me that I ran 25.43K when really all I ran was 21K. And that extra 5K would add about 23 minutes to my time. And so– I freaked. And said, “am I seriously going to be ready for this race?” (Yes, I asked myself that while running.) And obviously the answer is YES, YES, YES! Of course I will be! I have 37 days to continue my training and according to my Garmin I ran 7K yesterday at a pace of 5:25/km. And I’m OK with that. My legs were heavy, I wore too many clothes, and it was my first date with my Garmin. so I was nervous and constantly looking at my pace and time. I came home and took a look at my training plan and after reviewing it, I’m feeling confident. I can do this and I gave myself 3 goal options:

The First:  1:40 
The Second: 1:45
The Third: 2:00

And how will I push myself to do it? By these simple words that I found on Christine’s blog bun&borough.

My mantra? I think so! I’m going to be my own cheerleader and tell myself that I Run To Be FIERCE!
It’s perfect and I can do this. Bring It On Toronto Half! (I told you I was going to be my own cheerleader!)

And- my Garmin was a success! Take a look at these stats from yesterdays run:

Pace vs Elevation
Pretty cool, right?! Yep, I’m in love! And- I love a good challenge. 
I’m no longer scared of my half, I’m pumped for it! 
What races are you pumped for? 

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