Schedules, Planning, and Dates!

I’m starting to accept the fact that some people are just not planners. You would think that everyone loves google calendars, schedules, details, and post its. This is not true. I know it’s crazy, right? I love to plan events, dates, and my training in advance. This doesn’t mean I’m not spontaneous because I love flying by the seat of my pants! And sometimes you really have to do activities out of the blue just so that your life doesn’t feel so day in and day out all the time. And after those days, I usually have so much more inspiration to do a lot of other activities and my energy level gets so high. But that being said, I think there really needs to be at least a little bit of structure in a schedule.

I’m planning out my spring training plan and at the moment it looks like this:

Yes, it’s pretty empty. But you better believe that it is going to be jam packed with amazing workouts by the end of the day. I’m going to keep boot camp in my schedule and go once a week for a good cross-training session. I’m going to keep my hills and switch them up with interval training, and of course my long run days and LOTS and LOTS of stretching.

I’m pretty excited to build my spring training program because I’m just that kind of girl. It’s just so fun to cross off (or highlight– I love highlighters. And I love buying stationary. I’m a big dork like that) and see where you are and how far you’ve come from day one. And seeing where you are going gives you that extra motivation to accomplish your goals.

And of course I always make time for pancakes! Especially on pancake Tuesdays! Seriously, who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner?!

M&M Pancakes– deeelish!

 And then of course we have the regular kind for the non-sugary lovers:

And the amazing post workout accessory– chocolate milk!

Sometimes getting your protein from sugary milk is better than peanut butter. Or you can be like me and have a spoonful of PB before your run and a cup of chocolate milk afterwards. Perfect!
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