New hair, new face, and a new obsession with noses.

I can’t help it. I find myself staring at other people’s noses nowadays. Especially celebrities. I think it might be from posting so many day to day updates of my stitches. The one that gets me is Owen Wilson. And i think it might be because everyone talks about his nose or that I have a bit of a crush on this goofy guy. His nose was apparently hit when he was younger and he doesn’t care to change it. Do I blame him? Nope, I’d do the same. But- I do feel like I have my swagga back now that my scar tissue from the first surgery has been removed. I’m like a whole new woman. Not really. I’m still the dorky girl but a little crazier and more outgoing. Can you imagine? It’s a scary thought! haha. So, I got my hair done, got my nails did, and I’m ready to bring on the swagga at some more festive parties!

So here are me and Owen in nice profile shots of our noses:

View IMG00076-...jpg in slide show
Day 7 and my face is looking better and better!

Kate and Owen

One of the funniest episodes of Seinfeld was also on last night where George convinces a girl to get a nose job. And my observing noses just doesn’t seem to have an end… Ah, how I love coincidences!

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