The t-mill is my bitch.

I did it. I got my gym membership. You can call me a wimp but I will be calling the t-mill my bitch. And I started the name calling yesterday when I stood up on the machine and showed it whose boss. It was kind of like re-uniting with an old friend. Too bad the nike+ receiver in my ipod wouldn’t connect to my new sensor. It looks like I will have to read the manual. Am I really that dense with technology? Guess so. But not when it comes to schooling the t-mill. I blared my bubble gum pop music in my ear buds while my cardio playlist was on a jukebox shuffle. There is just something about The Pussycat Dolls that just gets me pumped to run harder. Especially on the treadmill. Within the first 3 minutes I just wanted to be running over bridges, passing beautiful flowers and giving a smile and a wave to other running friends. Instead I watched the 3 different television screens in front of me while my mind started to daydream. I felt great. I was doing long interval sprints while hoping the girl beside me didn’t pass out on the treadmill to my right. She was literally holding onto the t-mill screen for dear life. But she was given’r. At least she was working all she had to give and not walking at 0.5 km/hr like some people I’ve seen. So, you go girl! I had to slowdown my pace to drink my water. I forgot I need to use my klean kanteen with the sippy spout or else my water will pour all down my shirt. Classy, I know.
After a good 30 minute workout I decided to head to the half balance ball. My ankles haven’t been as strong as they use to be. My ankle kept shaking as I did my cheerleading positions on the half balance ball with both legs. I did my arabesques, heel stretches, and bow and arrows. And then I did something brave- I walked over and picked up some weights. I have never done this in the gym before. There is just something intimidating about them. So, I told myself “you aren’t going to get any stronger if you let intimidation get in the way. You will just stay the same.” So, I did some reps with the 10 lb weights. I stretched it out and left the gym feeling amazing. To do one thing a day that scares you is a mantra that I love. Not only do you branch out and do new things but you boost your self-esteem.

The Cardio Playlist
*on jukebox shuffle*

I Don’t Need A Man- The Pussycat Dolls
Liv Tonight- Nelly & Keri Hilson
Stronger- Britney Spears
Yes (Remastered 2003)- Merry Clayton
That’s How You Know- Amy Adams
Freakshow- Britney Spears
Time Of Our lives- Miley Cyrus
When You Were Young (Victoria Secret Remix)- The Killers
Sparks Fly- Taylor Swift

Stats of the Run
Distance: Approx. 6 km
Pace: Approx 5:00 min/km

3 thoughts on “The t-mill is my bitch.

  1. Show that treadmill who is boss.

    My play list this morning was a Quirks & Quarks podcast about the 200th anniversary of Darwin's birth. I need to get something more lively!!

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