Relax, Recharge.

Today was another 5k easy run day. So, I hooked up my ipod with a new playlist filled with new upbeat and some very overplayed-on-the-radio songs. I was setting up my nike+ run settings and noticed that I couldn’t hear the music. The brainiac that I am realised my ear buds were not in my ears. I’m brilliant sometimes. I put them in and David Guetta started blaring in my ears. And I set out for my run with a nice pace, may I add. I recently read an article in the Runner’s World August 2010 Mag called “Relax, Recharge” by Bob Cooper. I’m pretty sure he wrote it about me. (Not really, I don’t know him personally.) But, oh how I can relate. I am one of those runners who sweat every detail of a workout- pace, distance, and effort. So when my schedule says “easy run” I take that as the easy distance. Bob tells me that I should also be slowing my pace down as well. Easy runs are there to let your muscles recover while improving your running form. Your run should be one-third to one-half the distance of your longest runs and slower than you normally run. So, I guess coming back from my easy run and glistening like AC Slater in his wrestling uniform is not the way to go. On my next easy run I will remember Bob saying, “Take your easy days seriously so you’ll run your best when it really counts.” You got it, Bob!
The Favs Of the Moment Playlist
Club Can’t Handle Me- Flo Rida feat. David Guetta
Somebody to Love (Remix)- Justin Bieber feat. Usher
Dynamite- Taio Cruz
Your Love Is My Drug- Ke$ha
Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
Touch- Natasha Bedingfield
Ridin’ Solo- Jason Derulo
Cool Down/Stretching
Just the Way You Are- Bruno Mars
Your Love- Nicki Minaj
Stats of the Run
Distance: 5.13 km
Pace: 4:36 min/km
Calories: 216

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