It’s Just Me Against the Heat Wave…

The heat wave won.

Going out for a run at around 10am was probably not the smartest idea. But, I was too exhausted during my 6am wake up call so, I went back to sleep. So really, I deserved the heat. Planning to do a 14k in forty degree weather was also very ambitious. Finishing 10.82 km in it… I was satisfied. Especially when I came home to The Weather Network telling me that it is best to stay inside because the air condition outside is very bad for your respiratory system and “No one should go out jogging. Well, why would you want to?!” Thanks Weather Network, thanks. You just made me feel very smart about my decision!  Although, I did pass by a man twice today and on the second encounter he told me, “you are a very good runner!” So, after thanking him and hoping he has a great day, I kept plugging away. There was a lot of slow jogging and walking breaks on this mother of a run. I will just have to finish the extra 3 km’s tomorrow!

I love running to a good live album and here is my new favourite:

The Bullet In A Bible Playlist 
American Idiot- Green Day
Jesus of Suburbia- Green Day
Holiday- Green Day
We Are The Waiting- Green Day
St. Jimmy- Green Day
Longview– Green Day
Hitchin’ A Ride- Green Day
Brain Stew- Green Day
Basketcase– Green Day
King For A Day/ Shout- Green Day
Wake Me Up When September Ends- Green Day
Minority- Green Day
Boulevard of Broken Dreams- Green Day
Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)- Green Day

And then my run took so long that I had to put on another playlist so I choose my Entourage Playlist. which finished the run and became the Cool Down/Stretching as well. It’s full of songs that the actors on the show love. I think we are musically compatible and would be instant friends.

The Entourage Playlist
Fight Outta You- Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals
Running to Stand Still- U2
Kids- MGMT

Stats of the Run
Distance: 10.82 km
Pace: 6:20 min/km
Calories: 455

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