All Madonna, all the time!

I went out with the intention of running a 10-15k run. I didn’t have a set distance I just wanted to run a nice easy paced long run with Madonna. When I got to 10k I started to feel really good. My legs were on automatic and there was no sign of stopping. Amazing! So, I just decided to keep on going for another 10k. The only problem was that at 14k I started to feel hungry and because I didn’t think I would be running almost double the distance… I was running out of fuel. Whoops! Off in the distance I could see a cyclist and a rollerblader and I thought to myself how there haven’t been many other athletes around lately. As 15.5k hit, so did the ground. As the cyclist started rolling closer her arms were swinging forcefully beside her and she started to take up more than half of the pathway. So being a nice person, I started to move to the far side of the pathway. Too bad the concrete pathway didn’t meet the grass and the side of my foot hit the edge of the cement. My ankle rolled and I ended up falling (pretty gracefully in my mind) as I crashed and my right knee scraped the ground from trying to save my fall. Really? Really?! This is what i get for being nice? As the rollerblader flew passed me whirls aroubd and yells, “are you ok?!” Yes, I’m fine and I’d rather not have your help… is what I was thinking as I smile and say “Yep!” With a laughing tone in my voice. My thoughts were I have 4k left to run, walk and/or hobble home, my ankle is not broken and I don’t think it’s sprained but if I stop moving I willl know if it is injured. So, I just kept going. Why not?! It wasn’t too bad. Madonna was on and I had a nice easy pace home with a walk, jog and run. I ended my run at 19.5k and was more than happy with that. Before my stretching, I grabbed a banana and a yogurt and couldn’t be happier to eat. As I was eating I looked at my dining room table and saw a tensor bandage. A little too convenient, don’t you think? So, I stretched and bandaged up my ankle and was just hoping I didn’t do more damage to it. After a night of a bandage and no time to ice and/or heat my ankle, it feels pretty good. I won’t go out and run on it today but I think by Friday she should be good to go! Oh Madonna, what would I do without your number one hits keeping me going? All Madonna, all the time? Sounds perfect to me!  

The All Madonna, all the time! Playlist
Hung Up- Madonna
Music- Madonna
Vogue- Madonna
4 Minutes- Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake
Holiday- Madonna
Like A Virgin- Madonna
Into The Groove- Madonna
Like A Prayer- Madonna
Ray of Light- Madonna
Sorry- Madonna
Express Yourself- Madonna
Open Your Heart- Madonna
Borderline- Madonna
Erotica- Madonna
Justify My Love- Madonna
Material Girl- Madonna
La Isla Bonita- Madonna
Papa Don’t Preach- Madonna
Lucky Star- Madonna
Crazy For You- Madonna
Frozen- Madonna
Live To Tell- Madonna
Beautiful Stranger- Madonna
Hollywood- Madonna
Die Another Day- Madonna
Don’t Tell Me- Madonna

Cool Down/Stretching
Back To You- John Mayer
Damn Girl- Justin Timberlake

Stats of the Run
Distance: 19.51 km
Pace: 5:22 min/km
Calories: 820

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