Jukebox Kind of Run.

It wasn’t a choice. It just happened.

Friends, I am very sorry for the lack of blogging. I really did have some great runs that I was going to blog about (with my [then] newly inspired nike+ half marathon coach) and they had some really great playlists with embarrassing oldies songs that went with them! Then some medical issues got in the way. After being diagnosed with a wee little thing called basal cell carcinoma on my nose, I had to undergo surgery to get it removed. Healing the body takes a lot of energy and therefore my running came to a halt. But– all is well again (…almost) and I am back in the running game! This time with trendy hats, lots of sunscreen, vitamin e, and soy products!

Let the Jukebox playlist begin!

My ipod playlists have been itching to get their running playlists going so I thought to myself, “I’m not feeling 100% but- let’s do it!” So, I did. I went to the gym because the downpour of rain was not something I wanted to deal with today. I put on my running shoes and as I was tying them I couldn’t help but think about how I should have washed them. Ah well. With my game face on I was ready to take the challenge. Not really, but I faked it. I took it easy and pushed myself with sprints every now and then throughout the run. It felt good. Not great. But it definitely felt good to get back at it again. My ipod was accidentally on shuffle so this is why I call this my jukebox kind of run. You never know what kind of music will come on next but every song is exciting because you just don’t know what the next tune will bring. Kind of like life, right?

My Jukebox kind of playlist:
Your Love is My Drug- Ke$ha
Not Myself Tonight- Christina Aguilera
Alloway Grove- Paolo Nutini
Gives You Hell- Glee Cast
1901- Phoenix
(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To- Weezer
Lay Me Down- The Dirty Heads feat. Rome of Sublime with Rome
California Gurls– Katy Perry feat. Snoop Dogg
Starlight- Muse
Shark in the Water- V V Brown
Banquet- Bloc Party

Armada Latina- Cypress Hill feat. Pitbull and Marc Anthony
No Woman, No Cry- Bob Marley

Sidenote: 29 years ago today, Bob Marley passed away at the age of 36 from the spread of melanoma in his lungs and brain. So awful.

Stats of the Run:
Distance: 7.55 km
Time: 4:48 min/km
Calories: 326

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