Flirtatiously Cross-training!

I bought my first issue of Runner’s World Magazine yesterday. I know what you are thinking: this girl is getting serious about her runs! This mag is full of SO many useful tips, facts, and stories that I thought were all directed at me. Not literally. (I’m not that vain and I don’t think this song is about me.) One of the many pages I was drawn to was page 26. Cross-training. Instead of just running and using all of the same muscles all of the time- you’ve gotta switch it up! This way you won’t get burnout or bored. Cross-training also makes you stronger, healthier, and the way I do it- ALOT of FUN!

Ever since I took my sister to a pole dancing class at Flirty Girl Fitness for her bachlorette- I have been hooked with this place! I went back and took the Cardio Booty Kickboxing class and after 15 minutes I was sweating so much, my muscles were given’r and I just kept thinkingKelly Ripa arms- here I come!” So, I added “take a chair striptease class” to #14 on my Buried Life list. Can we say, “checked that off today!”

I will never hear this song or look at a chair the same way again!
Sorry boys, this is a girls only training centre!

I can’t wait to cross-train again! 2 hours of this class was not enough. When you are just shaking your booty- you forget you are even working out! And believe me- it was a workout! I wonder what my next class will be…

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