What I Ate Wednesday

Now that I have officially became a foodie, I decided to start making my own “What I Ate Wednesday” posts that Lindsay does on her blog COTTER CRUNCH. I also have a love for the show Come Dine With Me. I have had quite a few conversations with my friends on how we should start our very own version of the show. Call me modest but I think I have a good chance at scoring some tens. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, you can watch all of the episodes online HERE. Consider this your warning– it will be your newest obsession!

Today’s delicious meal is steak, sweet potato fries, with pan-roasted carrots. Nom, nom, nom!

That delicious steak was marinated in Montreal steak rub and then I cooked it’s AAA grade self on the BBQ. It’s not much of a secret because this steak rub actually came from a little company called “Club House.” If I ever discover how to make a mean steak marinade- you know I will fill you in! Or if you have a recipe- pleeeeease fill me in!

You may have noticed that I like my steaks medium-well done. Don’t worry, EVERYONE makes fun of me for this. So obviously, you can too. I can’t help it. I don’t like blood coming out of my food when I am eating it. It grosses me out. And to be fair- my steak was still very juicy and tender in the middle. To me it was perfectly delicious. I’m ready to be criticized, I can take it.

For my yummy carrots I had some help from Gordon Ramsay:

Pan-Roasted Carrots Recipe:

•2 Sprigs of rosemary 
•Small handful of thyme sprigs 
•1 Garlic clove 
•500g medium sized carrots, peeled and trimmed (1 lb) (I used freshly frozen round carrots)
•2 tbsp olive oil 
•Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper 
•Knob of Butter (I use Olive Oil Margarine)

Bring a pan of water to the boil with the rosemary, thyme and garlic. Boil the carrots in the water for 3 minutes to soften slightly, then drain and pat dry. Heat the oil in a large non-stick sauté pan then add the carrots and some seasoning. Brown the carrots all over until just tender, adding the butter towards the end of cooking.

You will learn that I love adding spices and herbs to everything. I’m all about the flava flav! So naturally, I added rosemary, thyme, garlic, and olive oil to my sweet potato fries as they baked in the oven at 400c for 30 minutes and were flipped at the half way mark. 

I would have had a tasty dessert to share but really, I’m still eating all the Easter chocolate I can find around the house, in my purse, and still stocked on store shelves. Creme Eggs are just so hard to find these days!  

And yes, my fat lips are slowly going away but I still resemble Angelina Jolie’s luscious lips. Especially when I eat strawberries the way she does:

Sexy, no?

Have a Happy Wednesday Friends!  

It’s Official, I’m a Foodie!

I would love to tell you that I run to eat but really, I eat to run.

Ever since I started clocking the longer miles, I had to feed my body with the best meals, vitamins, veg, and fruits to give my body all the recovering foods that are necessary to get through long runs. It wasn’t hard to adapt to the proper foods to eat because I have always been a healthy eater. I love making yummy new recipes and shopping for fresh veg at both farmers markets (unfortunately only in the summer) and the grocery store.

Now, I add all these healthy veg to a lot of my meals. I no longer buy very many things from a can (my kidneys can’t handle the salt to begin with) so making my own soups and pasta sauces has become a regular activity for me. And the best part is- I can jam in all of my essential nutrients into any meal. I love filling the bottom of my pasta bowls with fresh spinach so that you aren’t eating as many noodles and you are getting more nutrition. Although, I am also a fan of mixing my spinach into my sauce and chicken as well:

It always looks so fresh and green until the leaves shrivel down and you add your real tomato puree:

Fresh is my favourite way to go. I love knowing exactly what is in my food and how much of each ingredient is added. Making my own garlic is my latest obsession. How couldn’t it be when you make it in this little guy:

My breath has never smelt better. You’re welcome world!

I’ve never really considered myself a foodie until now. I use to see myself as just a health nut type of eater. Ever since I came home physically exhausted from long runs, I knew I had to force more healthy foods into my system throughout the day. Now I’m experimenting with different protein bars and shakes to make sure that I am never over-exhausted after a run.

And cook books have always been a love of mine:

And those Reese’s on top of them really help too, I swear! So, the transition into eating more has been a pretty easy one so far. And who doesn’t love eating delicious food all day long?

Do you eat to run or run to eat? And what kind of protein bars and shakes do you love? I’d really appreciate your help on this one!