Right in the Kisser!

If there’s one thing I love it’s reading the “I’m A Runner” articles in my Runners World magazine. Smut and running? What a prefect combo! I love seeing which celebrities run half marathons and how they fit training into their busy schedules.
Another love of mine is The Amazing Race. If there is one race that I want to do it’s running around the world with the chance to win a million dollars. That would honestly be one of the greatest experiences. On this season I loved being the cheerleader for team Brook and Claire. Brook kills me. She is SO hilarious and outgoing and would you believe- a marathon runner? Of course she is!

The pain in my face doesn’t hurt so much when I remember that time Claire got hit right in the kisser by a watermelon in England:


And then Brook and Claire re-cap after the smash. My favourite part? Their hysterical laughing:

Where do I sign up for what just might be the  Best. Race. Ever?!