Back to my roots.

I have some exciting news. After 3 seasons of being away from the cheerleading world, I have decided I miss it… a lot. And I went to the best cheer gym in the country’s tryouts last week. I know, after three seasons of being away- it was ambitious. This was my thought, “I am in the best shape of my life so, why not? And if I don’t make it- it will be an epic fail.” Why would it be an epic fail? Because I was on this team three seasons ago and to not make it would just be embarrassing. Honestly, walking into the gym felt like I never left.

After four days of anticipation, the team lists went up and my number was on it. I am beyond pumped to be back with my Power Cheer Toronto Cobras family. I officially registered last night and I am training with all of these beauties and champions again:

Unfortunately, this means that I will not be at the Rock ‘n Roll Vegas Half Marathon because I will be competing that weekend at the Canadian University and Open National Cheerleading Championships!

Now my training schedule will be completely jam packed with tumbling, stunting, weight training and running. Call me Arnold because I am going to get pumped up!.. And eat a lot of protein and veggies.