Challenge and a Pumped Up Playlist!

Workout challenges that are actually hard and challenging are the best. This weekend’s workout was all about finding my dance skills again. So, I wasn’t going to do any strength but then Coach CJ’s Challenge was posted and I really wanted to do it. This one left me sweaty and sore:

10 Minutes AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible):

1 Rep:
10 Tuck Jump Burpees
20 Lunges
30 V-Snaps

And then once you have finished the 10 minutes AMRAP, hold your left leg, right, leg, and centre splits for two minutes each. I managed to get 5 reps out of this challenge. The goal is to have perfect technique. Believe me, it’s not easy!

Friends have requested a demo video of what each move looks like so that they can do them at home too. So, here it is:

My workout playlists have also been updated! Yes… There is some teen pop. I’m not ashamed. Check ’em out to vamp up your workout and cool down playlists:
Workout Playlist:
Cool Down Playlist:

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