Chobani Dinner With My New BFF’s!

Last night I got to go to a pretty amazing event filled with yogurt parfaits, appetizers made with greek yogurt, and mingled with some pretty fabulous people!

When the Chobani crew asked me to go to a dinner party with them, I immediately said yes! (Well, it would have been immediate but my blackberry has been delivering my e-mails late on my device so, it wasn’t as soon as Emily sent it to me. But– it would have been!)

I don’t think my love for this yogurt can grow anymore. Seriously. Not only is it full of my needed protein for running but it’s also fat free and ready for this… the 13 other flavours should be arriving in Canada soon! I can’t even wait! Apple Cinnamon, vanilla chocolate chunk,  and blood orange. Yes, please! And when the ladies behind Chobani are SO much fun– how could you not fall in love?!

The night started with a mingle. And I ran into the wonderful Ali:

I stole this picture from Ali’s twitter so she can take the blame for that piece of hair hanging across my forehead!

This was followed by being served the most delicious appetizers! My favourite was the split pea soup that was made with a minty Chobani. As soon as Lindsay sends me that recipe, I will definitely be whipping that up!

Because I am the best blogger ever, there are no pictures of the food for you. They were SO good though and my hands were couldn’t handle juggling all the food, wine, and napkins let alone take pictures. Can you blame a girl? There was calamari, pizza, soup, chicken, and lamb that were all made with greek yogurt.

And- I couldn’t stop the fun conversations that I was having with Ali, Steph, Britta, Megan, Morgan, Lindsey, Christina, Stephanie, and Clare:

From blowing kisses at the Chobani sign, to making our layered CHO parfaits (thanks to Steph, we got to make a mason jar to go!) and of course, taking pictures with the hot crazy Chobani man.

I had such a fun time that it was so sad to leave my new friends in the fancy elevator:

But Chobani knows how much we love them and sent us home with some amazing swag! Which included more containerss of CHO in a cute canvas lunch bag, an oven mitt for when we make our own treats, a water bottle, coupons for more CHO, and a nice big Chobani bag:

I can’t wait to hang out with my new blogger bff’s and of course, dig into my mason jar of Cho, fruit, dulce de leche, and chocolate. Nothing but good! 
Thanks so much Lindsay and Emily! I hope to see you lovely ladies soon! 

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