The Runner’s High

For the last few months I have been running on the treadmill and I think I lost my love for running. I didn’t know this while training on the treadmill, I noticed it yesterday when I had my first outdoor run of the season. There is nothing like being on your own, hitting the pavement, waving and smiling at the occasional runner, and breathing FRESH air. That doesn’t include you smoker at 1.63 km’s who made me cough during my run today. I did not enjoy you. 
I came home from my run energized and ready to get things done. This is the feeling that is hard to explain to new running friends who just haven’t found their love for the sport… yet. 
The runner’s high I get during a run is easier to explain. 
Yesterday when I was running, I ran into a huge puddle filled with mud decided to run through the dirt on the grass. I was covered in mud. My clean shoes were now brown and feeling heavy from the dirt I just picked up. A few feet later, I got back to the clean pavement and felt empowered. I wasn’t going to stop because a muddy dirt pile got in my way. I kept my head high, my music playing, and a smile plastered on my face. My shoes quickly dried out and my feet were feeling light and free again. On the way back, I hit the puddle again. This time there was a sign for pedestrians to take the other route as the city workers attempted to clear the mess. With my dried mud on my capris, I ran past the workers like I was some sort of super athlete who tackled the mud not too long ago. I’m sure they saw me as crazy. I had the runner’s high. I felt like I could keep running for miles. I was finally able to keep running pain free and not being told by physiotherapist that I couldn’t run because of sprained tendons in my feet. My runner’s high is back and I experienced it again today. 

I must remember that I cannot push myself too hard or else I will have to take more time off to heal. 

Spring running, I heart you. 

Do you get the runner’s high? 

Do you push yourself harder than you should?

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