Let’s Talk Oats!

You know when you are having one of those dreams where you can smell pancakes and you naturally get up because of the smell and really hope that someone has made you a big pancake breakfast . This is what happened to me today. Except it wasn’t pancakes- but HAPPY PANCAKE TUESDAY! Believe me,  I will be having some later! But it was with oats. 

I shared my love for oats not too long ago and a friend shared a slow cooker apple and cinnamon oats recipe with me. I had to try it. It’s not the normal oats I usually have though because  I ALWAYS use this healthy recipe:

But today, I branched out and used the apple cinnamon slow cooker recipe:

There is nothing like waking up to the smell of fresh apples and cinnamon. I absolutely love it! I did substitute margarine for the butter, used rolled oats instead of steel oats and added a little bit of milk once I put the oats in my bowl. To be honest- it tastes great but it’s a little too sugary for my liking and I just feel like I’m not getting all the benefits that I am from my regular oatmeal. Although, it is a great fat Tuesday treat! 

Lately I’ve also been told that steel-cut oats are better for you than rolled oats. But last month’s Women’s Health Mag set me straight. All processing methods start with a whole-grain oat and then are made smaller. No nutritional value is added or taken away during this process. This isn’t just for steel-cut oats and rolled oats. It’s also true for quick cook oats (rolled oats) and instant oatmeal (finely flaked). Steel-cut oats do go through less processing that makes them chewier and can take away the effect that the carbs have on your blood sugar but really, it’s very slight. So oats are oats! Any kind of oat will give you the same benefits. Lower cholesterol, protects your heart, and keeps your waistline from growing. 

What’s your favourite oat recipe? Send me it so I can try some new ones out! 

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