Friday’s Confession: My Tendons Hate Me

So, remember that time I told you that I was in pain during the Toronto Half Marathon back in May? Well, I think I found out why. My calves became very tense after that race and my feet were sore. and during alot of runs from post Toronto Half, my feet have been giving me grief everytime I went for a run. So, I started taking small runs and having to walk everytime I felt pain. After reading all my fellow bloggers injuries and columns in Runner’s World, I didn’t want to over did it. I thought I was being smart. For the past two weeks, I took a pause from running. I haven’t been out and I am itching to run. I can’t tell you how jealous I get watching people run the lakeshore or the players at the TFC game. I thought it would be best to trade my beautiful Michael Kors flip flops for a more practical shoe- Birkenstocks.



Michael Kors

 After two weeks of waking up with pain in my feet and having the pain grow throughout the day- I finally went to seek professional help and saw an athletic doctor. I couldn’t even explain to you how lame I felt when he would keep moving my feet and I would respond, “nope, no pain there!” I felt like such a loser that was wasting his time. I got to say at least 2/20 movements that actually hurt my feet. Those were mixed emotions of, “No I’m not crazy! But, I don’t want to be injured!” After the assessment, I was told that I have a chronic injury of repetitive sprained tendons- in both my feet. Awesome. I was told not to run for at least 3 weeks and he would like to see me for physio and massage therapy at least 3 times a week. And I should also be using a TENS machine aka a professional Dr. Ho. He said after 3 weeks I can gradually start running again.  My first question, Can I still do this:

Let’s be honest- I knew the answer. But I wanted to hear the words no from a pro. So, I got myself moved into the 15K category and I’m determined to be able to do it!

So, no running, jumping, or tumbling for me but you better believe that I’m still stunting!

As long as it doesn’t hurt I’m good to go!

If you think you are injured, here are some tips from Jeff Galloway to help you know if you should seek medical help:

Have a Happy Canada Day Friends!! And to my American Friends, Happy 4th of July!!

Enjoy the long weekend! x x

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