Friday’s Confession: I go to the library for music

First: Sorry for my lack of new posts. Blooger Blogger has been down so I couldn’t keep you updated on my life. Not to worry, I’m still alive and building my playlist for the Toronto Half on Sunday!

When researching new music and trying to find new pump up jams I like to go to my local library. You wouldn’t believe the gems you can find there! I always come home surrounded with vintage compact discs. OK, they aren’t technically vintage but in a digital world, I think the kids are calling them that nowadays!

Along with new releases you will for sure find some (if not all) these hits from the late 90’s:

You know what’s embarrassing? All Saints was in the return cart at the library and the librarian was about to check it in and a part of me reeaaaally wanted to ask if I could take it out. I refrained. Maybe it will be there next time? ha!

But seriously, you can find new releases on the shelves and some of them just might be your next powersong. Especially soundtracks. The amount of high energy jams on those are amazing! I’m actually pretty excited to take a listen to Burlesque.

I also went into the angry jams section because I don’t own any of that “screamo” genre. I hear that sometimes when you don’t feel like running you just need an intense tune to pick up your energy. But, no luck. That is probably for the best because I don’t like when artists are yelling at me. Why do they have to be so angry all the time?! I would prefer some chemical brothers and their block rockin’ beats but I have that kickin’ around on cassette somewhere. I know, how vintage am I?

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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