Friday’s Confession: When I Run, I Levitate.

Remember on my Friday’s Confession: Bad Race Photos and I said I was going to smile my whole way through the Sporting Life 10K?! Well, I clearly forgot because I don’t have any smiling pictures in the e-mail they just sent me. But the good news is, apparently my feet don’t touch the ground when I sprint to the finish line! I’m not kidding. If it was one photo I would say, “Crazy!” But when there is a second one I say, “Did my childhood dreams of becoming Sabrina the Teenage Witch come true?” Get ready for it. This is unreal:

Yes, my shirt is riding up. That’s just what happens when you are playing with gravity! But are you ready for this one? I’m convinced I’m full of pixie dust because I am floating and my foot is parallel to the ground:

Do you believe in magic? Because that seems to be the only thing that makes sense here! I’m kidding. Slightly. I hope these magical moments happen again at the Toronto Half in 8 days!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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