Find Your Happy Pace!

At the Expo on the weekend I picked up a few treats for myself. The first I told you about– setting a new distance goal of 30K which will race at A Midsummer Night’s Run on August 20th. And the second a new mouse pad:

Finding my “happy pace” has been a real challenge for me. Having this day to day reminder is pretty awesome. I’ve been constantly wondering “how fast should I run this Harry 8K?!” And my question has been answered. I went on the Canadian Running Series website and found the map to the race:

And then I found this gem of a link: Tips On How To Run The Spring Run-Off 8K. It tells you when it’s best to slow down, speed up, where you will be getting water, and the porta poties. I’m so happy that this link exists! It was exactly what I was looking for. Now I can relax and not be so hung up on how fast I should be running this shorter distance. Because really, whatever time I run it in will be a PR– it is my first 8K race after all!

Annnnnd my mum is doing the Harry 5K this Saturday! I’m so excited for her!! This is going to be her first race ever! It’s gonna be a family affair. Me and my sister doing the 8K and Mumsy is doing the 5K!

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