Yes, I Eat Junk Food!

I have been asked if I ever break the rules and go all crazy and eat junk food. So here’s my answer:

Like many of my “blog about running” friends who are often critiqued about how healthy they eat- I am constantly getting made fun of the bags of veggies, the banana’s and apples that weigh down my purse and my constant grazing throughout the day. But here’s the thing– the people who see me eat at breakfast see that I eat all my flax, wheat germ, oats, and bran with a side of orange juice. And if you see me on a Saturday night hanging with my friends you will see me munching on za (aka pizza), loading up on carbs with pitas and baba or hummus, with a nice side of dulce de leche brownies and maybe some vino.

And then there are the times when you meet up with some other friends and you just aren’t hungry because you ate all of these foods during your day and they think that you just don’t eat very much.

Kashi and Yogurt

Honestly, it gets hard hearing people tell you that you don’t eat enough and “no wonder you are so skinny” all the time. And it’s not like these people follow me around 24/7 to know what my eating patterns are. So, how can they be so quick to judge?!
I really try not to let what these people say or think affect me because at the end of the day, the only person who knows how well you are looking after yourself is you. These people don’t know that trying to eat ALOT to have a tonne of energy to run a half marathon and eating all the right foods for nutrients is something that I have been working REALLY hard to do. I’m not cutting out junk food and I’m not trying to loose weight. (Have you read about all my peanut butter cups that I eat because I plan on eating more with a side of ice cream as I watch the bachelor tonight!) I just want my body to have enough energy to get through long runs and be able to recover properly at the end of them.
So yes friends, it’s true. I eat junk food. I eat small amounts of snacks and sometimes I eat HUGE meals. I’m always eating. And “everything in moderation”  is a great motto to go by! So, here I come peanut butter cups!
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1 thought on “Yes, I Eat Junk Food!

  1. I (we, my wife is the chef in the house) try and eat well, but last night I drank to much, and Saturday night I drank to much, and I have a slab of chocolate under my table at work and I eat blocks throughout the day…

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