Day 2: Ugly Christmas Sweater Pub Crawl

On Day 2 after my minor nose procedure, I had a festive party to attend. An ugly Christmas sweater pub crawl to be exact. Because two pubs would make a “pub hop” and three would make a “crawl” we had to hit atleast 3 pubs. So, I laid off the T3’s because a pub crawl and not being able to have pints does not sound as festively fun. It did mean I had to suffer a bit of face pain during the day but honestly, it wasn’t that bad. And it’s only 2 little stitches:

And that bruising you can only see in the pictures. Thank you MAC foundation!

I spent the day of my surgery making that delicious festive sweater. I didn’t knit it but you better believe that I attached some battery operated lights and some jingle bells and balls on it to look and sound merry.

Here it is in full action as I nestle by the fire:

 My face is still swollen so smiling wasn’t comfortably easy and it’s a wee bit bruised but the best way to not think of it is by getting down with your bad self:

Recovery has never felt so good! And I didn’t even need a Lady Gaga inspired band aid. In a few days those stitches will be dissolved and I will be as good as new!

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