Heavier Weights Than Soup Cans

There is nothing like a good night out. And when you accidentally get yourself slizzard…


… Well, the night just gets that more interesting. (And so do the pictures when you wake up and realize that you didn’t look so cute but you have hilarious stories to go with the photo ops. So, you stop being so vain.) But then you wake up with the worst headache and the last thing you want to do is go for a run. I mean how can you? You were dancing all night, putting toxins into your body, and now you are dehydrated and thinking about how you downed a big mac combo while intoxicated the night before. But- it was a great night out. So, instead you watch Four Weddings and Cake Boss (which, were back-to-back episodes all day… Ahhh-may-ziiing!) But the day has turned into night and running in the dark is not safe for a girl my size. So, I came up with a new game plan: Stretching and weights.

Weight training is something that I always tell myself I should do but I never follow through. Why? Because I’d rather just go for a run. I came up with some simple exercises that I can easily do reps of while watching tv. And let’s be real- they don’t take long to do and they saved me from coming home from a run and being completely zonked. Weight training has gained some shiny points in my training log. My fear has always been that I end up having huuuuge arms. I just want them toned. So, here’s to hoping! I’m use to using my own body weight for training (ie push-ups) so these heavy objects are new for me to get serious with. My new relationship with weights has begun and I’m lifting heavier weights than soup cans! Hoooray!

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