Grand Jeté That Puddle!

It’s been really hard to judge what kind of clothing to wear going out for a run lately with the flux of temperatures. On Friday I had to wear my wool Vancouver Olympics sweater because it was sooooo cold with a chance of flurries (thank goodness that didn’t happen yet) and today I didn’t need the extra layers. So, on went my capris pants, long sleeve shirt, and my lulu start up jacket and I hoped for the best as I put my ipod sensor into my delicious ipod! Yep, I found it! Huzzah! I decided to switch up my run and buy the new Katy Perry album Teenage Dream and listen to it for the first time during today’s run. I love when things are new or just different from your day in and day out routine. Like when I opened up a new toothbrush head for my electric toothbrush. That fresh firt use of a toothbrush feeling is sooo refreshing. I just love it! Yep, I’m a dork! So, I loaded up my ipod, got stretching, and out the door I went. I had to bring a bottle of water with me because I definitely did not hydrate enough today and I thought to myself, “this water could make my hand verrrry cold soon, ahhh well…” so I just dealt. When I was out running I was having fun with the racey Katy Perry. Her sexually filled songs are just so good and catchy! But when you are running passed an older man walking his dog and Katy sings, “You make me feel like I am loosing my virginty” it’s a little awkward right? It defintiely put a smile to my face as I thought “I wonder how spicy this man was in his twenty-somethings!” Was he the catch? The flirt? The player? Or the dorky.funny type? And if I am thinking these things about him, I wonder what he is thinking about me as I ran for another two meters passed him and did a grand jeté over a puddle and then switched legs to do the opposite leg over the other puddle. Who is the weird one now?! My run just got so graceful and dance like. The working out aspect of my run suddenly diminished. and I like that. It’s good to be playful! On the way back, you better believe I did a double grand jeté back over the puddles.

The time change started to kick in as the sun decided to start fading very quickly. I love that it’s sunny when I wake up in the mornings again, and I felt like I had a tonne of energy this morning. But getting dark during my runs does not make me a very happy girl. It looks like I may have to start getting out there earlier. But– it’s not snowing yet so I can’t complain!

Also! I discovered the greatest thing during my run. If I push the power button on my ipod during my run, a voice will tell me how long I have been running, the distance I have ran, and my pace! No more making excuses to slow down and read my ipod! I’m so pumped! It’s going to make keeping paces soooo much easier!

After my final sprint- I remembered to EAT! Wooohooo! I ate my bag of veggies that I didn’t eat during the day while stretching and half an hour later I ate some za (aka the fun way to say pizza) and I am feeling great now! Thank you, glycogen!

The Teenage Dream on Shuffle Playlist
Teenage Dream
Not Like The Movies
Hummingbird Heartbeat
The One That Got Away
Who Am I Living For?
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)
California Gurls

Stats of the Run
Distance: 7.95 km
Pace: 4:49 min/km

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