Gaga For Sprinting!

I was pumped for a run this morning. Before I even stood on the treadmill I knew my playlist: GAGA for Gaga! There was not a need to use a slower paced song to get me going today– I had energy to burn! Good thing too because today was sprinting day. Which always makes my average run pace slower but it feels so good to make your muscles work extra hard. My calves loved me today. They loved me so much that I started to feel like Johnny Drama in Entourage when he is obsessed with having beautiful calves. I felt that I was getting those amazing calves that he admires. Yep, that is weird but the truth! haha! So, I mixed up my run with running a pretty fast pace, sprinting, light jogs, and a brisk walking pace for a refill on H2O.

A few hours later, (after a homemade and deliciously healthy Sunday Brunch with some besties) I was tempted to go for another run. This time a leisurely one. Since it was lightly raining (and I love running in some refreshing rain) I was very tempted. Too bad I watched the latest episode of Parenthood, fell asleep and woke up a little groggy but still refreshed from a glorious Sunday afternoon rainy day nap. I love those! It brought back that easy-going summer feeling! I did not go for another run. I don`t feel bad about that though because I did a good 8.72 km in 38 minutes today.
Playlist of the Day:
Alejandro- Lady Gaga
Just Dance-Lady Gaga & Colby O`Donis
Bad Romance- Lady Gaga
Telephone- Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé
LoveGame– Lady Gaga
The Fame- Lady Gaga
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich- Lady Gaga
Boys Boys Boys- Lady Gaga
Summerboy– Lady Gaga

Cool Down and Stretching:
Star (Crystal Light Remix)- Estelle
Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart- Alicia Keys
Stats of the Run:
Distance: 8.72 km
Pace: 4:23 min per km
Calories: 376

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