September Miles and October Goals

It’s the first day of October and it feels like it. It’s feeling cold and I’m ready to break out my fall clothing. 

September running felt strong and I ran a total of 41.1 miles. I think my motto of run less, run faster works for me. In September, I listened to my body. I missed a long run because I knew I was run down and I had to stop a run 1/3 of the way in because I knew my body was drained. Last night, I skipped my run for 10 hours of sleep because I’m sick. The old me would have pushed through and made sure I ran my hardest and completed these runs. My new way of thinking told me, if I give it everything I’ve got, my body probably won’t heal the way I want it to and for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront (half) Marathon in 18 days. Training smarter. I woke up feeling so much better. Still sick but not as bad as I was. I also drank a lot of DavidsTea Organic Cold 911. Fuelling my body in the right way to get it where I want it to be. 

I’ve been hitting my target paces throughout September. Running hard and the hardest part- taking my easy runs really easy. I’m happy to say my easiest run was an average of 10:13/mile. I have my new running friend to thank for that. Running with new friends and helping them throughout a run is not only what my training needs but it’s rewarding to help others reach their potential. My new running buddy finished her first 5K and I was so proud to give her a high five at the end of the run. 

September has been a month of noticing what my body needs and how I can build it to be my strongest on race day. October is going to be where I put myself to the test. In 8 days, I taper. For my half, I’m giving myself the 10 day taper, which gives me one last long run to keep my confidence up for race day. I’m excited about it. I’m feeling strong and ready. My main goal for October: run my strongest race yet. 

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