KettleBALLS is back to Kettlebell

Yes, you read that right. It was kettle BALLS.

My first kettlebell class ever was with an instructor who didn’t want to be there. He looked like he was in pain teaching the class. And of course, this was his first time teaching kettlebell. Amazing. I’ve never gone through a longer hour long class in my life. I was SO happy to hear that a new instructor would be teaching the class for the rest of the weeks. I could not handle this grumpy instructor who played the most random music I have ever heard on a workout playlist. The following weeks the new girl kicked my ass and I LOVED kettlebell!

Today, I started back at kettlebell to get my weight training in. My arm strength is brutal these days. Bicep curls with a 15 lb weight hurts. But when it comes to moves that are all legs or abs, I’m on it! That is my strength.

My FAVOURITE coach Maria is teaching my kettlebell class. She is tough. And she always saves heavy weights for me and puts them in front of my mat because she thinks knows that I can handle it. I need her to push me through weight training so that I don’t sit in the backseat. But with my luck, she wasn’t teaching tonight. My grumpy instructor was filling in for her. It was actually a good class except during the warm up he said, “do a light jog” and we do not have the same definition as jog because he a few seconds later he said, “a light jog, you are not running a race.” OK pal, I’m a runner. I can’t help it that when my legs start to move, they do it with speed. It’s not like I was sprinting like Usain Bolt like I did on Tuesday when I ran an 8:00/mile. (I’m SO freakin’ happy that my feet tendons are almost back to their speedy selves!) 

Kettlebell was pretty good and I can feel the muscles were worked in my back, arms, and abs. But I am extremely excited to have Maria back at the next class! There is nothing like having an awesome instructor pushing me to my limits. Next Friday, I’m expecting that I won’t be able to walk. Call me twisted but I love the pain you wake up to after a hard workout.

This week’s training:

3 hours of cheer

3.29 mile run


Rest Day 


Miles: 3.29
Burpees: 103
Hours of Cheer: 3.75

Have you ever had an instructor that made you not like a class?

Do you take kettlebell?

Do you love the day after pain?

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