6 Days to WORLDS, #FF, and a Hot Mess!

My first Friday favourite is that I am 6 DAYS AWAY FROM THE CHEER WORLDS! I’m so excited! And I have so much packing to do! I got 2 new practice bows for the occasion:
Mickey Mouse 2012 Worlds Bow and a Canada Bow

My workout on Saturday was a nice 7K run. I tried not to push myself too hard because I knew I had cheer the next day but I had to run because I didn’t do my 7K on Friday like I planned.

An amazing 3 hour cheer practice.

Rest day. A much needed rest day.

I hit the cheer gym and worked on overstretching, stunting, and a hardcore abs workout:

Do 10 of each and then hold for 10 seconds:
10 Half Snaps
10 Knee in Snaps
10 Rockers

Do 10 of each:
10 Sit Ups
10 Cross Sit Ups
10 Touching Ankle Sit Ups
10 Touching Toes Sit Ups

Hardcore stretching day.

A nice and easy 4K run at a 5:42 min/km pace.

Remember the sad day last week when my headphones decided to die on me mid run?

Well, I went on a hunt to find new headphones and I found this:

A WALKMAN!?! And it’s priced at $42.99. Seriously? I thought those went out a decade ago! Sadly, got confused on what kind of headphones I should get and didn’t buy any.
And, with all my running around I came across my new favourite coffee. Wild Mountain Blueberry. Yes, it sounds strange to have blueberries in your coffee but it actually tastes and smells like blueberry pie. And you know my love for coffee and pie is HUGE so this is the perfect combo! 

Another favourite is the beautiful Jenn from Peas and Crayons asked for a veggie guest post! Check out my How To Veg Up While On The GO! post on Jenn’s blog!

Happy Friday friends!

What kind of headphones do you use? Should I do Dr. Dre beats again or try another brand?

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