Best Fitness Apps

Since my Garmin only comes out to play when I run outside, I’ve been on the search of an amazing app to track my workouts. Some apps that I have found are only available on iPhones. I’m a BlackBerry girl so that doesn’t work for me. I really just want a good way to track my runs right after I do them. I wish I was kidding but during fierce workouts, I forget my distance and pace, etc. right after I walk away from the t-mill and stretch. So, my search began for the best fitness apps! The result: 

This app is available on my berry and I can update info on my laptop. And when I login online, they have workouts available to stretch and strengthen and sustaining fitness.

I like that I can have micoach design a plan with my goals and how many days a week I want to run or I can create my own plan. they even offer single workout plans depending on your needs:

Once you click on what kind of workout you want, they breakdown the workout for you. Core workouts are my favourite. So naturally, that was what I chose:

I’m not gonna lie,  “full body massage” was going to be my first workout but I was really hoping that someone would just give me a massage and didn’t want to be disappointed. I was. As much as I love my foam roller, when I hear those three magical words, “FULL. BODY. MASSAGE.”  I don’t think of a foam roller workout. I will just have to keep dreaming. 


Another benefit is the shoe tracker. Because I switch from shoe to shoe during my runs, I have forgotten how much I have used one shoe over the other. I’ve decided to just keep track from this point on. Especially because I haven’t really been running hard since the whole “sprained tendons in my feet” incident.

If I haven’t sold you on this app yet-  Footy friends and other sport enthusiasts– you can build a plan to fit your sport as well! 

What fitness apps do you love? 

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