Catching Up

Life has been pretty crazy this past week, which is obviously why my posts have been non-existent. Here’s a quick catch up of why I have not been giving you play by play’s of my days. The first is because everyone I know is moving this month and next month. Naturally, my weight training has been packing boxes, lifting boxes, and moving boxes. The good part about moving is taking trips to ikea for patio furniture and exercising your arms by eating hot dogs and fro yo! Soooo goood and soooo cheap! Perfect.

All this moving has been helpful so that I can nurse my injuries. That’s right, it’s plural. At the Toronto Half Marathon I have managed to injure my left hip and left knee with some minor pain in the right hip and knee. I’m being smart about it and goign for small runs and taking walk breaks during my runs so that I don’t injure myself any further. And you better believe I am stretching and foam rolling like it’s my hobby. It’s been working out well so far. I think I’m almost healed! *fingers crossed*

I also spent my long weekend relaxing and it felt SOOOO good. Today I managed to watch endless episodes of The Cupcake Girls after a nice 8K run, take a nap, and catch up on some reading. And now I just want to make delicious cupcakes and spend my night snuggled up in my leopard snuggie while watching this lady:

That’s riiiight! Ashley is finally premiering tonight on The Bachelorette! I can not even wait. It’s my biggest guilty pleasure. Take a look at this sneak peak and take a look at Mr. “I’ve Run 39 Marathons!” Now I have a reason to mix The Bachelorette with my running blog!

9pm get here soon!!
Also, Shan and I took our Mumsy’s out to see Bridesmaids last night. Yea, we’re cute like that. I have not laughed so hard for 2 hours straight in a long time. This movie is seriously hilarious. And Kristen Wiig– you deserve an academy award. Thanks to this movie, this song was the first song on my running playlist today. I have fallen in love with Wilson Phillips… again.
Ok, it’s dinner and cupcake time!

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