White Tees and Coffee Don’t Mix!

Friends, I’m a slob. I’m sorry but it’s true. I sat down to read all of my favourite blogs and post comments (which I also love to read on my blog- so thank you friends for all your lovely messages– I love them!) and I managed to hit my coffee and spill a nice portion all down my white t-shirt. Why do I wear white?!

Why am I a slob?!


Up close and personal

So, I laughed it off and got a suggestion for a song from my friend Caitlin. And- I’m in love with it. Warning: you’re gonna want to do a happy dance when you hear this one!

Also- I LOVE Eliza’s romper in this video. I want one. Real bad.
Here are my delicious carbs, fibre, and iron that I filled up before on before my easy, peasy, balance board workout:
Hungarian Mince with Mango Chutney

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