Hydration to the Rescue!

The last few days I have been battling with myself to drink more water. I know how important it is to drink 8 glasses of water a day but for some reason I just find it SOOOO hard! And when I get a headache, start to feel tired, or get that “I’m bored, maybe I’m hungry?” feeling, I know it’s just my body telling me to rehydrate.

I started keeping water at my desk with the hopes that I will see it and know that I have to drink water. Does this help? Not really because whenever someone asks me if I want another coffee my first reaction is, “YES, PLEASE!” And then as they leave to get it, I realize I’m probably just tired because I haven’t had any water all day. And then of course, I drink my coffee anyways and hope to make up for it with water… later.

As “later” came around today, I got asked to “rescue a plant.”

That’s the one!

It was as dry as a bone and the leaves had turned from their bright green colour to a redish black. And it hit me- this is what my insides must look like after a run. Ok, ok! Maybe that is a slight exaggeration but, the key point here is: without water we are whithering away.

As I rescue this poor plant from dehydration, I hope it will be my daily reminder to hydrate myself!

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