Marathon Monday

I started Marathon Mondays months ago and clearly my updates have been slim. It’s because I went to Europe and to be honest, disconnecting from social media was a nice break. My training did not break though. I climbed to the top of the Acropolis in Greece:

DSC00872Photo 6-1-2014, 3 04 42 PM

Then climbed the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland!


Not to mention all of the city walking I did in Dublin and on the Game of Thrones set in Ballintoy!

Photo 6-5-2014, 1 07 25 PM IMG_5041

And the partying that happened for my cousin’s wedding in Faliraki!

Photo 5-31-2014, 12 49 20 PMLife is grand. Especially in a lazy river at your all inclusive in Greece.

But today is Marathon Monday so I will tell you all about that trip in another post!

Training has been going really well even with the humid runs. I’m pushing myself, eating healthy and not getting hangry after runs. I’ve come so far since my first half marathon!

I am up to a long run of 10 miles with my total running miles for last week equaling 24.73! My pace has been very slow because of the heat but then #MotivationMonday came along and I was featured on Runner’s World for my #RUNootd after I finished a speedy monday morning run!

Runner's World #RUNootd Siobhan McCarthy


You can check out the article here!

Happy running, friends!

- Siobhan

I Did a Barney Stinson During My Last 2 Races

I have a confession. I Barney Stinson’d my last two races.

It started with the Harry Rosen 8K on April 5, 2014.

Harry's Spring Run Off 8K Toronto 2014
It’s not like I haven’t been keeping fit. I was training for the cheerleading worlds which happened 3 weeks later. The problem was, I had a concussion from cheerleading. It took me 2 months to recover from the injury and I wasn’t cleared to run. I could only walk. Yep. Walk. Life was hard. For 2 weeks, I couldn’t even look at my computer, read or are you ready… knit. I wasn’t allowed to exhaust my brain for a long amount of time. At practices, I became the video girl.

Concussion Problems at cheerleading

I was insanely bored. I dealt with it because I knew if I hit or jolted my brain around, I would set myself back and 2 months was long enough for me. So, my training halted. I was happy to run my test 8 kilometres the week before my race. If I had any pain, I wouldn’t have been clear to run. I would have been really upset because this race is one of my favs.

3 weeks  later, I went to the cheerleading worlds for the week.

Cheer Worlds 2014 wolfpack coed 6 6packFrom training sessions, competing and going to Disney World– running did not happen. A week after I got back, it was the Sporting Life 10K on May 11, 2014.

Let’s just say, a PR was far from my reach. I came back with a rolled ankle and out of my peak running shape.

Sporting Life 10K Siobhan McCarthy


But I faked it until I made it. Check out that heal striking.

Lessons from my Barney Stinson running:

  • You are stronger than you think you are.
  • When your time is A LOT slower than what you are use to, embrace it.
  • Sometimes you just need to run for FUN!

Last week’s training was all about getting my head back in the running game:

Sunday: 6.25 miles @ 9:13/mile
Monday: Rest Day
Tuesday: Rest Day
Wednesday: 2.12 miles @ 9:26/mile
Thursday: 3.16 miles @ 9:30/mile
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Rest Day

Weekly Miles: 11.53 miles

Now it’s time to get back to running!


Cheerforce Wolfpack IOC6 6pack Worlds 2014

New adventures for the new season.

On my last post, I mentioned all of the changes that have happened in my life. I am now a high honours post graduate in public relations, I coached an amazing season with my cheerleaders who not only won the provincial championships but the Canadian Finals and took home the Grand Champ banner and I competed at the cheerleading worlds and came in first in Canada and 8th in the world.


Life is pretty amazing right now.

In between it all, I was still running races. For the first time, I ran purely for fun. I wasn’t caught up with PR’s or my time. Mainly because I was too busy to even get myself to the gym some days and running was the only time I had to breath by myself. It was my escape from assignments, working and stress.


I decided to spring clean my blog. In the fall, my hosting site is shutting down some services so I thought, what better time to change up my page then now? I’m so exited for my new adventures. Now that I have less on my plate, I can start training for my first marathon and actually blog along the way. It’s time for me to start building my 26.2 training plan!

Happy long weekend!