Speed Run vs Long Run

I’ve always been the runner who goes for distance. Short, fast runs were never my thing. Atleast, I thought they weren’t. I like to find my happy pace and just plug along but I also love to challenge myself. This could be why I am lover of the long run. 13.1 miles is my favourite. Give me a half marathon and I feel challenged, tired and happy at the end. Unless, we are talking about my first half marathon. Then, you would find me wanting to cry under a tree in Mexico after midnight.

Live and learn.

nike+ run clubI started challenging myself and going out for speed. I would do this on my own but it wasn’t until I started running with other people that I was truly pushing myself to get faster and faster. When I was running solo, a 9 minute mile was my goal. Now, I’m running an average of 7:40-8 minute miles consecutively. I’m picking up speed and starting to really love short, fast runs. For the first time ever, I ran a one mile for time. My shortest distance yet. It was a personal best (also my first, so of course it would be). My high expectation goal was to finish in 7 minutes. This seemed out of reach but I like to dream big. The first two laps felt good. I was really keeping up my pace and the third lap- I just wanted it to end. The fourth lap, I knew I was almost there but it felt so hard to dig deep and go faster. With a quarter of the lap left, I managed to pick up speed and gasp for air after crossing the finish line. After guzzling water and catching my breath, I checked my time. 6:43. One mile in 6:43! I was in shock. The fastest I have ever ran a mile. The difference with this one mile? I didn’t check my Garmin once.

Sometimes I feel that if I didn’t check my Garmin all the time during runs, I would run faster. It’s important to disconnect. Like yesterday’s thought on finding balance. There needs to be a balance of running for time and running for fun. I think I’ve found my happy running balance and it exists with short speedy runs and long runs combined.

Happy running!

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